Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rajasthan – Experience Living It in The Land Of The Rajas

Rajasthan which literally means Land of the Kings is known to be the largest state in India by size. Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination as well even, though it has an extreme climate where summers are extremely hot and winters extremely cold. There are a lot many reasons why the state of Rajasthan is visited by thousands of tourists from across India as well as from foreign countries which includes state of the art architectural monuments and buildings, the spectacular forts and palaces, the sand kissed regions (deserts), the vibrant culture and handicrafts and above all the scrumptious cuisine that makes the tour to this place feel so complete.

Highlights - Due to the huge inflow of tourists and visitors Rajasthan receives, there are a lot many choices when it comes to accommodation and food. There are guest houses, budget and boutique hotels, luxury hotels and more depending upon your requirement and budget you can choose one. Though, when you are planning a trip to Rajasthan do take into consideration the climatic conditions of the place. Must see destinations when in Rajasthan include the Hawa mahal, the Ranthambore national park, the Chittorgarh fort, temples like Jain temple of Ranakpur and Dilwara temples of Mount abu, Jaipur Jantar Mantar, but to name a few. This place is an amalgamation of various different colors which can be seen through the dressing, the food, the handicraft, the dance and music here. No wonder this destination is the fourth most popular destination in India. Hence, it is always advisable to plan your tour well in advance so that the whole experience is memorable and stress as well as hassle free.

Hotels in Rajasthan – Hotel choices vary from budget ones to luxury ones. Whether you are looking for hotels in Mount Abu or any other region in Rajasthan the basic idea is to book well in advance. When you book in advance you not only get a variety of choices when it comes to rooms or suites but you also get early bird discounts or special packages. When you book spontaneously you have no choice but to take what is available and even have to pay whatever is demanded. Secondly, finding a hotel that is centrally located is a great advantage. This helps you roam around the region easily as well. Before booking one for yourself do checkout for the facilities and amenities the hotel provides. These days most of the hotels have their own websites so you may visit their page as well to check-out the images of the hotel, the suite as well as other necessary details. One alert though,the images of the hotel could be old ones as well, so it is always advisable to investigate before booking.

Comparative Analysis – There are various web pages these days which offer you a comparative analysis of the selected hotels in your budget and based on the results and your needs you can easily find a hotel that offers a comfy stay and a good package as well.

Apparently,finding a budget hotel or a luxury hotel in Mount Abu or any other destination in Rajasthan is no big deal if you do a bit of a research and plan you trip well in advance.